High level languages are languages that have a higher level of abstraction from the machine language. To make more clear, it makes it possible for the programmers to have greater understanding by removing the complexity of low level concepts like managing memory address,registers and call stacks. These concepts are taken care internally. High level programming make code to be machine independent to a certain extend.

Features of high level language

  1. Makes programming and maintainability easier.
  2. Easier to extend code and provide simpler mechanism for reusing code.
  3. Provides concepts of loops, conditional statements, multiple mathematical operators.
  4. Provides complex structures like threads, locks

Is high level language optimized?

There are some price paid for the simplicity and sophistication provided by high level language. It is less efficient compared to the machine language code. It takes more time for compilation and execution. Having said that, the modern day computers are much powerful to meet these efficiency and performance issues.