Apple has been evolving iOS/ Mac programming day by day and the latest addition is an all new programming language, Swift. There has been a mixed bag of reactions on the new language with some Objective-C lovers wishing to stay away from swift and others find it prospective for the future. As we all know, iOS/Mac programmers have to shift to swift one day or the other.

Pros using Swift

  • Better memory management and type safety.
  • Multiple return values with tuples.
  • Better performance.
  • Mix and match approach helps to retain and use existing Objective -C code.
  • Easier to learn swift for programmers in other languages.

Cons using Swift

  • Difficult to convert existing projects completely to swift.
  • Existing developers need to spend extra time creating projects using swift.
  • No clear information on when Objective-C support will be dropped.
  • Arrays are type dependent unlike NSArray that can add any type of objects.

In this section of our website, we try to provide a great start point for learning swift step by step with lots of code samples. Most of the pages will have a note for the Objective-C developers to help them make a easier transition to Swift programming language. New programmers who don’t have knowledge of Objective – C can ignore these notes. Enjoy learning!!!